Bonn will become the host city for the IPBES Secretariat

Suurenda pilti The secretariat of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) will be located in Bonn. Representatives from almost 100 countries made the decision late on 19 April in Panama City during the second IPBES plenary session.

In addition to Germany, South Korea, India, Kenya and France had also applied. After India and France pulled out quickly, it was a tight race between Korea and Bonn. The decisive factor was the support of the African group once Nairobi had also dropped out of the running.

The vote in its favour is also a sign of recognition for Germany’s enduring commitment to the preservation of biodiversity worldwide. With the addition of IPBES, Bonn has further strengthened its position as a UN city hosting organizations dedicated to the environment and sustainability.

The task of IPBES will be to provide political decision makers around the globe with information about the state and development of natural and species diversity, thus making scientific knowledge a useful aid to policy making. With its dense network of national and international organizations staffed by experts in environmental protection and nature conservation as well as a wide range of scientific disciplines and technologies, Bonn is, in this respect, too, an ideal location.

Bonn will become the host city for the IPBES Secretariat

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