A heart beats for as long as we look after it. It needs movement, good air, clean water, healthy food and of course peace and human affection. And the heart of the world needs looking after for our children and grandchildren. That’s why the United Nations agreed Agenda 2030. Only if all members strive to achieve the 17 goals for sustainable development will we be able to heal and sustainably protect our planet.

From the very start, Germany has been highly committed to contribute to this unique global project and proves that again with the latest version of the German Sustainable Development Strategy passed in 2016. The German government sets itself 63 ambitious national targets – at least one for each SDG.


What is Germany doing to ensure well-being for all?

We want to preserve the environment by reducing emissions of air pollutants by 55% of 2005 levels by the year 2030. To do this we need visionaries and conditions that foster research. In Hamburg, Oslo and other cities green walls are tested that are each as effective as 275 trees.


Oton Dénes Honus – CEO Green City Solutions

„The function of the city tree is based on a biotechnology, a special moss culture which has the ability to attract air pollution from its sorrounding and to convert it into its own biomass. Thus the moss literally eats air pollution.“


What is Germany doing to ensure access to clean water for all?

By 2030 10 million more people each year should be being given access to clean water. In Kenya alone, some 20 million people still don’t have access to clean drinking water. That’s why Germany’s GIZ agency has cooperated with the KfW bank to set up the Water Sector Trust Fund. Thus, sponsored by the German government, water kiosks now exist in Kenya. And they now serve more than 1.7 million people.


Oton Winfred Mei - CEO Machakos Water Company
„We have different kinds of costumers, their income is different and this people are hardly able to afford  an individual connection. So what we normally do: We do water connection via water kiosk which is a water sell-point where they can purchase water that they trust, the quality is known,  the sources can also be attained . So to ensure that everybody is served and no one is disadvantaged we use water kiosk as a technical solution to provide a formal service for this informal areas.“


What is Germany doing to promote peace?

We support efforts to prevent proliferation, funding and overseeing at least 15 projects a year.

Weapons have a devastating impact on the lives of millions of people around the world. By supporting projects to secure, register and destroy small arms and light weapons – for example in Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo or Kenya, we help reduce the uncontrolled spread of arms.


What are we doing to make cities safe and sustainable?

Supporting green mobility for inhabitants. We have to do a lot more in this area. The goal is therefore to reduce final energy consumption in passenger and freight transport by between 15 and 20 percent each by the year 2030. To achieve that sustainably and extend it further, more than 100 companies are carrying out research and development in the areas of energy, sustainability and mobility on the EUREF campus in Berlin. The campus has already met the government’s CO2 climate protection goals for 2050.


Oton Prof. Andreas Knie – InnoZ (Innovation Centre for Mobility and Societal Change)

“How can we drive electric, network electric, and how can we make the changes in energy provision and transport happen and how can we show other people that it can work. And that’s why we’re here at the EUREF Campus and why today, we can witness the city of the future, the way it could be popping up everywhere tomorrow.“


What is Germany doing to ensure sustainable consumption and production? (SDG 12)

Ensuring that the market share of goods bearing state environmental labels is 34 percent by 2030. A goal that can only be achieved if entrepreneurs pursue sustainable strategies from day 1. Start-up camps at schools help sensitize the business people of tomorrow and increase the share of sustainable products in the future.


Oton Michael Dannenberg – Teacher

“The key thing about the student company is the advantage that it’s practical, we don’t use texts or pictures, which we analyse and then go home without having done anything, what we’re doing is getting a project going that we can pursue for the whole of the school year.“


 Oton Leon – Pupil

“You learn to work for yourself, and do it with the idea of sustainability in mind.“


The German Sustainable Development Strategy is a means to an end. The goal is to ensure a life of dignity and security within our planetary boundaries for everyone: with the right to food and water, education and healthcare. And especially for those who come after us.